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Free iPhone 6 giveaway Official Rules

Please read the following official rules before entering our free iPhone 6 giveaway contest. By participating in our iPhone 6 Plus contest you will be bound by these set of rules and you acknowledge that you meet all the giveaway eligibility criterias. If you have already read this rules, Enter free iPhone 6 Giveaway or you can read more on How to get a free iPhone 6.

Participate in free iPhone 6 Giveaway

Oliver from US won free iPhone 6's Carl from Canada won a free iPhone 6

Eligibility to win a free iPhone 6

If you are 13 years or above at the time of entry, you can enter our free iPhone 6 Contest, as long as you are not a family member of our employees (domestic parents, spouses, siblings, children and grand children). If you meet these conditions, you may Join free iPhone 6 Giveaway

How to enter free iPhone 6 Giveaway contest

  1. You may Sign up on free iPhone 6 Giveaway any day of the day using the link mentioned in this sentence.
  2. All participants must have our link posted on their facebook or google plus timeline with a reason mentioning why you should give you an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus for free. This is a must, do not try to cheat, if our system finds our it will forfeit any winnings and ban you from the system.
  3. You do not need to buy anything do join this giveaway, however by more number of posts on your timeline (google or facebook) you increase your the chances to win a free iPhone 6.
  4. Every Sunday EST we will choose 25 lucky free iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus winners through a random draw.
  5. Winners of free iPhone 6 Giveaway will be posted later on that day on the link mentioned in this sentence.
Free iPhone 6 giveaway
How to win a free iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Giveaway Prizes

Here's a list of things you can win with our free iPhone 6 Contest

  1. All iPhone 6 givenaway through our program will be 32 GB Gold versions.
  2. All iPhone 6 givenaway through our program will be in 2 year contract with AT&T, Verizon, Verizon.
  3. If you wish to change the color of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus or if you wish to change your iPhone 6 Contract, or if you want to get a free iPhone 6 without contract, you'll have to let us know through email after we contact the winner.
  4. 10 lucky winners will win apple's new iPhone 6 Plus (32 GB Version). (Winners who shared us over facebook and google most)
  5. Rest 15 lucky winners will get iPhone 6 32 GB Gold versions.
  6. Please do note we do not send used iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. If you believe it's used then please let us know, and we'll replace it.
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How to win a free iPhone 6

The odds of winning a free iPhone 6 Plus

As mentioned earlier you need not to purchase anything or give away your credit card information to take part in this giveaway but these are the things you could do to make sure you win an iPhone 6.

  1. Share us (our link http://iphone6.howtogetafree.eu) as many times as you can through facebook or google plus.
  2. Gather as many tickets as you can though this free iPhone 6 Giveaway Sign up Page.
  3. Invite all your facebook or google plus friends to join using this send button. (
  4. The more number of friends signs up under your name, the more chances for you to win.
  5. If 50 friends signs up under you (as you have sent them our link via facebook or google plus) we'll send you a free iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB as a sign of gratitude.
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