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Apple’s latest iPhone 6 released this month of September 2014. Newest iPhone 6 price is expected to be high as $200 with contract, and iPhone 6 without contract price starts from 649$. While many iPhone users can afford them, many may not be able to afford a new iPhone 6 and may be wondering how to get a free iPhone 6. And in that case welcome to our free iPhone 6 giveaway 2014. Get a chance to win a free iPhone 6 just by telling us why do you want it so much. Keep reading to know more about how to win a free iPhone 6 or Enter free iPhone 6 Giveaway.

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25 lucky winners will get 25 free iPhones or iPhone 6 Plus every week from our iPhone 6 giveaway 2014. And that's not even the best part, you can enter the giveaway for free, all you'll need is 1 minute of your time. It's a totally free iPhone 6 giveaway. No what are you waiting for, Enter iPhone giveaway now.

How can i get a free iPhone 6

  1. Go to Free iPhone 6 Giveaway 2014 page and enter our free iPhone 6 giveaway program. Don't worry it won't cost you anything or ask for your credit card information.
  2. After you have applied for your free iPhone 6, you’ll get a ticket mailed to your e-mail address with a ticket number.
  3. Each Saturday there’s a lucky draw for free iPhone 6 and the results are posted each Sunday by 11 EST.
  4. You can check also free iPhone 6 giveaway winners to know if you have won a free iPhone 6. if your name and ticket number appears. If you are one of the 25 lucky free iPhone 6 winners you will get a mail from us.
  5. After we confirm your ticket number, we will send you an amazon code which you can redeem by clicking here and order your free iPhone 6 from amazon. We have stopped shipping directly to the iPhone 6 winner due to security reasons. If you want us to ship your free iPhone 6, we can arrange it for you after you have confirmed your address details (only for US and Canada users).
  6. Free iPhone 6 shipping may take around 2-4 business days.
  7. Please BOOKMARK this page in case you forget the procedure later. So what are you waiting for? Enter the giveaway now.
How to win a free iPhone 6

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Free iPhone 6 giveaway

How to win free iPhone 6 tips

Please remember the following while getting a free iPhone 6 -

  1. You can apply as many times you want in one week as it’s free. More than one number of tickets will increase your chance to win you a free iPhone 6.
  2. You will also receive your unique link with which you can recommend your friends to win a free iPhone for themselves. More the number of friends you invite the greater the chances for you to win.
  3. If you invite 50 or more than 50 friends, we will send your free iPhone 6 before the lucky iPhone 6 giveaway draw as a sign of gratitude. You may not win another one with your tickets though.

Know more about how to increase the chance win free iPhone 6, and win a iPhone 6 for sure.

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